Why You’ve Never Really Seen Hollywood Portray An Abortion Scene

Photo credit: Priests For Life

Over the past few years, Hollywood has given us a handful of opportunities to see women on the big screen undergo an abortion procedure. These depictions of abortion have been roundly celebrated by abortion supporters for the way they injected the abortion discussion into the everyday life of the average viewer. Persons who support allowing women to choose abortion are thrilled to have abortion portrayed in such a positive light and in front of such a large number of people. The chance for everyone to see that abortion is both innocent and harmless is a clear reason for advocates to cheer. But were these scenes as honest as abortion supporters want us to believe? Were they an authentic depiction of abortion and what happens during the procedure?

These scenes are noteworthy because they all have one thing in common: none actually shows an abortion. I wrote a post for The Federalist explaining why these portrayals of abortion are not “honest” and what it might look like if Hollywood did actually decide to show abortion honestly.

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Cullen Talks Healing After Abortion with Jim Havens of Love Will End Abortion

I recently had the chance to join Jim Havens of Love Will End Abortion. We talked about healing after abortion, resources that are available, and took some calls as well. I am always inspired by talking to people who have shared their abortion stories and found healing in the process. God is good, folks, and he has the power to transform lives.

Listen to the show here.

The Documentary HUSH with Editor and Producer Joses Martin

On last week’s show, I had the privilege of speaking with Joses Martin, the editor and producer of the film HUSH. HUSH is a documentary that explores the connection between abortion and breast cancer, abortion and premature birth, and abortion and psychological distress. It was great to speak with Joses about his experience making HUSH and why the film is different in the way it talks about abortion.

Gard Case Gives a Dire Glimpse of Future

The recent passing of Charlie Gard has left many people around the world wondering what might have come from an experimental treatment that for various reasons was continually denied by courts in the United Kingdom. Shortly before Charlie’s passing late last week, The Guardian published an op-ed from emeritus professor Ian Kennedy defending the process of the courts in the United Kingdom. Kennedy claimed, among other things, that children do not belong to their parents and that parents do not have rights regarding their children. The implications of the idea that children do not belong to their parents are dire and pose a profound threat to the future of civilization. I wrote a column for Catholic News Agency discussing these implications and why we should be concerned with how the courts acted in the case of Charlie Gard.

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Oregon Bill Forcing Taxpayers to Sponsor Abortion is a Human Rights Violation

The state of Oregon is in the process of enacting a law that would force taxpayers to fund abortions. HB 3391, The Reproductive Health Equity Act, passed the Senate last week on a party-line vote and aims to counteract the potential repealing of the Affordable Care Act. Planned Parenthood is one of the main sponsors of this legislation, and it’s clear that a substantial amount of this money would be allocated to the nation’s largest abortion provider. Yet individuals who reject government funding of abortion do so with good reason. While abortion advocates maintain that abortion is a woman’s right, it’s clear that the objective of every abortion is terminating a human life. Abortion is a direct violation of the innocent preborn child’s right to live and be safe from harm. The right to life is the first and foremost right given to all human beings, and as such, abortion is a human rights violation of the highest magnitude. The fact that abortion violates the rights of preborn children is exactly why no government has any business forcing taxpayers to violate their consciences to subsidize it. Founding Father James Madison called conscience an inalienable right, and the most sacred of property. Conscience rights matter, and taxpayers in Oregon are now being forced to violate their consciences and become complicit in a human rights violation. I wrote a post for The Federalist making the point that forcing taxpayers to participate in a human rights violation against their will is itself a human rights violation.

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