Trauma Associated with Do-It-Yourself Abortions

Photo credit: Priests For Life

In February, a group of pro-abortion doctors penned a commentary explaining why the use of Mifepristone (RU 486) should be expanded. The doctors cited the safety and efficacy of the pill as reasons why it should be available at pharmacies. There have been many well-documented concerns about so-called do-it-yourself abortions, but there is another bothersome aspect that deserves some consideration. While many abortion advocates would like to claim otherwise, it’s no secret that many women suffer trauma after abortion. One of the many problems with do-it-yourself abortions is that the potential development of trauma is increased. This is due to a number of different factors, not the least of which is the environment in which the abortion takes place. I wrote a post for Crisis Magazine discussing the risk of trauma associated with medical abortions.

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Authentic Feminism with Timmerie Millington

I am joined on the show this week by Timmerie Millington to discuss the history of feminism, how the modern feminist movement has distorted the goals of the original feminists, and whether a pro-life person can be an authentic feminist.

Motherhood and Milestones


I haven’t shared too much about my children and the joys of motherhood on this blog yet. But, this day is a special one; I have the morning off (completely to myself [no kids {no husband either}]) so I thought I would write about this special, anxiety-filled, strange and exciting month.  This is the month that each one of my kids reached new milestones.  Last week, my baby, my first child who, just yesterday I was cradling in my arms, became a freshman in high school.  Yes, in just one day he grew from 21 inches to 6 feet tall.  I have no idea how this happened.

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