Seven Months of Ready to Stand radio

So with last Saturday being Holy Saturday, I did not do a new show. Rather, I took the opportunity to go back over seven months of shows and pick out my favorite clips and compile them into one show. It seems a bit presumptuous to call it a “best of”, but it was fun to go back and listen to some of these clips again!

Motherhood and Milestones


I haven’t shared too much about my children and the joys of motherhood on this blog yet. But, this day is a special one; I have the morning off (completely to myself [no kids {no husband either}]) so I thought I would write about this special, anxiety-filled, strange and exciting month.  This is the month that each one of my kids reached new milestones.  Last week, my baby, my first child who, just yesterday I was cradling in my arms, became a freshman in high school.  Yes, in just one day he grew from 21 inches to 6 feet tall.  I have no idea how this happened.

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