March For Science Organizers Are Accidentally Advocating For the Unborn

Photo credit: Priests For Life

The first ever March for Science is happening this coming Saturday. Science enthusiasts from all over the world will gather in Washington D.C. and in over 500 satellite locations to support evidenced-based policy-making and easy access to scientific information. This is clearly a Leftist event and has the same sort of feel as the Women’s March back in January. Deep down, they are actually protesting Donald Trump and his “war on science” type of policies. Ostensibly, the march has nothing to do with abortion. But ironically, there are some incredibly pro-life statements on the march’s webpage. I wrote a post for The Federalist discussing some of these ironically pro-life statements and claiming that abortion defenders are the ones waging the actual “war on science”. I also give almost a dozen examples of abortion-loving Leftists being anti-science.

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Seven Months of Ready to Stand radio

So with last Saturday being Holy Saturday, I did not do a new show. Rather, I took the opportunity to go back over seven months of shows and pick out my favorite clips and compile them into one show. It seems a bit presumptuous to call it a “best of”, but it was fun to go back and listen to some of these clips again!

Assisted Suicide Laws Neglect Mental Health Problems

Oregon recently released in annual end-of-year report on physician-assisted suicide. The report documents that of 133 patients that received prescriptions for life-ending medication in 2016, only 5 of them were referred for counseling beforehand. The rates are about the same in the most recent report from Washington state. The laws themselves do a dreadfully poor job of prescribing protocol for handing mental health problems in patients with terminal illness, and doctors are under no obligation to request a mental health assessment unless they see fit. I wrote a post for Crisis Magazine discussing the failure of physician-assisted suicide laws to address mental health problems both in the laws themselves and in practice.

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Refugee Programs and the Johnson Amendment

In this episode, I discuss refugee programs as a pro-life issue. I also tackle the Johnson Amendment, and what a new bill proposed in both houses of Congress would mean for religious freedom and the free speech of churches and pastors.

A Tale of Two Marches with Reagan Barklage

I’m joined by Reagan Barklage, coordinator of the midwest chapter of Students for Life, to talk about her experiences in Washington DC over the last two weekends with the Women’s March and the March for Life. Reagan also shares some of the great things that Students for Life is doing on college campuses around the country.

Physician-Assisted Suicide Often Steals the Autonomy It Promises to Deliver

Autonomy is the rallying cry for advocates of physician-assisted suicide. But for every story of someone whose autonomy is enhanced by this practice, there is another story of someone whose autonomy was taken away. I wrote a post for the Washington Examiner on the false promise of autonomy and the dangers of making death a medical option.

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Five Untruths About the New Texas Rules for Fetal Remains

The state of Texas recently enacted some new rules about the handling of fetal remains after abortions, miscarriages, and stillbirths. I wrote a post for Crisis Magazine refuting some of the dishonest claims being made by abortion advocates in the wake of these new rules.

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CNN documentary featuring the case of Joe D’Ambrosio

My guests for the radio show this week were Joe D’Ambrosio and Fr. Neil Kookoothe. Joe is an exonerated Death Row inmate who spent 22 years on Death Row in Ohio for a crime he did not commit. He was exonerated with the help of Fr. Neil Kookoothe, a priest, attorney, and registered nurse. Joe’s story was featured on Season 1 of CNN’s Death Row Stories: