March For Science Organizers Are Accidentally Advocating For the Unborn

Photo credit: Priests For Life

The first ever March for Science is happening this coming Saturday. Science enthusiasts from all over the world will gather in Washington D.C. and in over 500 satellite locations to support evidenced-based policy-making and easy access to scientific information. This is clearly a Leftist event and has the same sort of feel as the Women’s March┬áback in January. Deep down, they are actually protesting Donald Trump and his “war on science” type of policies. Ostensibly, the march has nothing to do with abortion. But ironically, there are some incredibly pro-life statements on the march’s webpage. I wrote a post for The Federalist discussing some of these ironically pro-life statements and claiming that abortion defenders are the ones waging the actual “war on science”. I also give almost a dozen examples of abortion-loving Leftists being anti-science.

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Seven Months of Ready to Stand radio

So with last Saturday being Holy Saturday, I did not do a new show.┬áRather, I took the opportunity to go back over seven months of shows and pick out my favorite clips and compile them into one show. It seems a bit presumptuous to call it a “best of”, but it was fun to go back and listen to some of these clips again!

Trauma Associated with Do-It-Yourself Abortions

Photo credit: Priests For Life

In February, a group of pro-abortion doctors penned a commentary explaining why the use of Mifepristone (RU 486) should be expanded. The doctors cited the safety and efficacy of the pill as reasons why it should be available at pharmacies. There have been many well-documented concerns about so-called do-it-yourself abortions, but there is another bothersome aspect that deserves some consideration. While many abortion advocates would like to claim otherwise, it’s no secret that many women suffer trauma after abortion. One of the many problems with do-it-yourself abortions is that the potential development of trauma is increased. This is due to a number of different factors, not the least of which is the environment in which the abortion takes place. I wrote a post for Crisis Magazine discussing the risk of trauma associated with medical abortions.

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Bodily Rights with Josh Brahm of ERI

Last week on the radio show I was joined by Josh Brahm, founder and president of the Equal Rights Institute. We tackled the two most common forms of the bodily rights argument – the “sovereign zone” argument and the “right to refuse” argument. Very few people defend the pro-life position better than Josh Brahm, and this interview was especially insightful:

Authentic Feminism with Timmerie Millington

I am joined on the show this week by Timmerie Millington to discuss the history of feminism, how the modern feminist movement has distorted the goals of the original feminists, and whether a pro-life person can be an authentic feminist.

A Tale of Two Marches with Reagan Barklage

I’m joined by Reagan Barklage, coordinator of the midwest chapter of Students for Life, to talk about her experiences in Washington DC over the last two weekends with the Women’s March and the March for Life. Reagan also shares some of the great things that Students for Life is doing on college campuses around the country.

New Study Downplays Harm Abortion Inflicts on Women

Last week, the University of California, San Francisco, released the results of a study that claimed to show that abortion has no impact on a woman’s mental health. I wrote a response to the study for Crisis Magazine. In short, the study was flawed for several reasons, not the least of which is that it ignored the complexity of the post-abortion experience and the psyches of women who choose abortion. Studies such as this marginalize women who do suffer emotional anguish after abortion and attempt to delegitimize their experience. One look at the testimonies shows that many women do indeed suffer emotional anguish after an abortion.

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