Assisted Suicide Laws Neglect Mental Health Problems

Oregon recently released in annual end-of-year report on physician-assisted suicide. The report documents that of 133 patients that received prescriptions for life-ending medication in 2016, only 5 of them were referred for counseling beforehand. The rates are about the same in the most recent report from Washington state. The laws themselves do a dreadfully poor job of prescribing protocol for handing mental health problems in patients with terminal illness, and doctors are under no obligation to request a mental health assessment unless they see fit. I wrote a post for Crisis Magazine discussing the failure of physician-assisted suicide laws to address mental health problems both in the laws themselves and in practice.

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Cullen is a husband, father, writer, and lover of Truth. He has a Mental Health Practitioner License in the state of Nebraska, and has years of experience working with persons struggling with mental illness and addiction. For the past four years, he has also been involved with Rachel's Vineyard ministry for post-abortive women, serving as the counselor for their weekend retreats. Cullen's work has been featured at The Blaze, Crisis Magazine, The Washington Examiner, The Federalist, LifeSiteNews, Live Action News, Catholic Stand, and more. He has a passion for writing about pro-life issues, Marriage, fatherhood, and building a culture of life. He lives in the midwest with his wife and two sons.

One thought on “Assisted Suicide Laws Neglect Mental Health Problems

  1. Why should a person with intractable pain or severe disability from a terminal illness be required to see a psychotherapist before they choose to end their pain by ending their life?

    Aren’t we able to make this decision for ourselves?

    If the person has a terminal illness, the therapist can do little or nothing to prolong their life, or ease their pain, they are not going to get well.

    Why are we so afraid of death?

    Death is as natural as birth, from the moment of conception the certainty of our death is writ in stone. Death is the will of God, if God willed that we should not die, we would not.

    And if God takes us away to heaven, then we should see the Angel of Death as our friend, who will take us away from our misery to the best of all possible places, the best of all possible lives. When we are suffering from intractable pain and disability, death is kind.

    And if there is no heaven, then, as Nietzsche put it, “When I die I shall be as I was before I was born.”

    No worries. Just sleep.

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