Oregon Proposes Outright Legalization of Euthanasia

The state of Oregon has long since been ground zero for radical, end-of-life ideology and legislation. It was the first state to legalize physician-assisted suicide two decades ago, and since that time, the practice has grown in both social acceptance and legislative momentum. Sensing a momentum toward a more universal acceptance of physician-assisted suicide, and building on the success of the “right to die” movement, advocates are setting their sights on the as-of-now prohibited practice of euthanasia. To that end, legislators in Oregon have introduced two new bills, Senate Bill 494 and Senate Bill 893, that would create ambiguity in their end-of-life statutes and allow for legal euthanasia in some cases. This is not a surprising development, but for those who thought euthanasia would never rear its ugly, loathsome head in the United States, it’s here. I wrote a post for Crisis Magazine explaining these two bills and why they are dangerous, and why we should think long and hard about espousing the values of the culture of death.

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Cullen is a husband, father, writer, and lover of Truth. He has a Mental Health Practitioner License in the state of Nebraska, and has years of experience working with persons struggling with mental illness and addiction. For the past four years, he has also been involved with Rachel's Vineyard ministry for post-abortive women, serving as the counselor for their weekend retreats. Cullen's work has been featured at The Blaze, Crisis Magazine, The Washington Examiner, The Federalist, LifeSiteNews, Live Action News, Catholic Stand, and more. He has a passion for writing about pro-life issues, Marriage, fatherhood, and building a culture of life. He lives in the midwest with his wife and two sons.

One thought on “Oregon Proposes Outright Legalization of Euthanasia

  1. Suicide is always a rational decision.

    People always commit suicide to end intolerable pain, physical pain, or emotional pain, acute depression, usually as a consequence of having been an abused or neglected or emotionally abandoned child. Or to end a life made miserable by severe disability.

    If God is just, loving, kind, He will not condemn anyone for committing suicide, He will understand.

    “Many men have prayed for death, but no man ever prayed for pain.”


    We put our animals down to put them out of their misery, but we want to force humans to endure their suffering as long as possible, if we treated animals this way we would be going to prison for animal cruelty, but the cruelty of trying to force a suffering human to keep on suffering is ignored.

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