Listening To Stories Can Never Justify Abortion

Last weekend, the New York Times published an op-ed on abortion titled “Who Should You Listen to on Abortion? Women Who’ve Had Them”. As the title suggests, the idea is that as we form our opinions on the issue of abortion, we should give first consideration to those women who have actually had abortions. The premise underlying this idea is that if we knew or understood the reasons why women have abortions, we might realize that a woman taking the life of her child is really not as bad as we think. There are countless problems with the column published by the New York Times, but the biggest problem is that it fails to explain why a woman’s circumstances, difficult as they may be, should justify the taking of her child’s life. The truth is that in developing an understanding of why women choose the option to abort, we still will not find a good explanation of why that option should be legal. I wrote a response to this op-ed for The Federalist explaining that while women who’ve had abortions certainly deserve the opportunity to share their stories and experiences, the focal point of the abortion discussion is, and always should be, the unborn child.

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About Cullen Herout

Cullen is a husband, father, writer, and lover of Truth. He has a Mental Health Practitioner License in the state of Nebraska, and has years of experience working with persons struggling with mental illness and addiction. For the past four years, he has also been involved with Rachel's Vineyard ministry for post-abortive women, serving as the counselor for their weekend retreats. Cullen's work has been featured at The Blaze, Crisis Magazine, The Washington Examiner, The Federalist, LifeSiteNews, Live Action News, Catholic Stand, and more. He has a passion for writing about pro-life issues, Marriage, fatherhood, and building a culture of life. He lives in the midwest with his wife and two sons.

2 thoughts on “Listening To Stories Can Never Justify Abortion

  1. If you’re PRO LIFE, I hope you’re intellectually honest about it and stand ready to make sure those desperate young mothers and their children get all the food, clothing, housing, schools, jobs, health care, they need . . . if your Pro Life philosophy ends at birth it’s just Pro-Birth, not Pro-Life.

    If America was really Pro-Life we’d be much more generous with our Social Support spending to make sure that every kid born gets everything he or she needs to get off on a good start to have a good life.

    Also be aware that children born to stressed out mothers (stressed out enough to want an abortion) are often brain-growth impaired by the stress they adopt from mother during pregnancy and the first few years of life, they often become abused, neglected, molested, emotionally abandoned kids because mom (and dad if he’s around) aren’t emotionally mature enough to be able to care for them adequately. They often grow up in poverty, which reduces IQ and impairs emotional growth, they are more likely to be addicts and criminals and mentally ill, they are more likely to suffer Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, or Fetal Drug Spectrum Disorder of Fetal Drug Syndrome, brain damaged before birth by their mother’s use of alcohol and / or drugs during pregnancy.

    Just because a baby is born doesn’t mean his or her mother will want him, or be able to care for him well.

    I suggest you get and watch a movie – BLACKSNAKE MOAN – the key to the story is the mother’s line . . . “I wish you had never been born.”

  2. I’m not judging but according to God killing is a sin. You can call it abortion but killing is killing, there’s is not excuse that worth killing a soul
    …an innocent soul. Just because they cannot stand up for themselves or speak, does not give anybody a right to kill them. They never asked to be in your womb you brought them then u kill them. And ask God to protect you? Your mother suffered with you, she gave you the chance to live but u can’t do the same for your baby. You being selfish! Self centred person. Baby have the right to live. Thanks for this site.

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