Why You’ve Never Really Seen Hollywood Portray An Abortion Scene

Photo credit: Priests For Life

Over the past few years, Hollywood has given us a handful of opportunities to see women on the big screen undergo an abortion procedure. These depictions of abortion have been roundly celebrated by abortion supporters for the way they injected the abortion discussion into the everyday life of the average viewer. Persons who support allowing women to choose abortion are thrilled to have abortion portrayed in such a positive light and in front of such a large number of people. The chance for everyone to see that abortion is both innocent and harmless is a clear reason for advocates to cheer. But were these scenes as honest as abortion supporters want us to believe? Were they an authentic depiction of abortion and what happens during the procedure?

These scenes are noteworthy because they all have one thing in common: none actually shows an abortion. I wrote a post for The Federalist explaining why these portrayals of abortion are not “honest” and what it might look like if Hollywood did actually decide to show abortion honestly.

Click here to read Why You’ve Never Really Seen Hollywood Portray an Abortion Scene.

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