No, New York Times, Pro-Life Websites Are Not Fake News

Recently, the New York Times published a column claiming that Facebook is ignoring fake news masquerading as pro-life articles and viewpoints. Written by Rossalyn Warren, the column laments the fact that the massive social media platform has not done more to weed out what she refers to as misinformation coming from pro-life news sites. The major flaw in Warren’s column is obvious from the beginning. From the outset to the conclusion, she does very little to successfully explain why or how any of the articles, examples, or pro-life news sites that she identifies actually qualify as fake news. Ultimately, Warren is taking it upon herself to label as fake news any site that embraces an ideology that she herself does not agree with. She continually calls credibility of anti-abortion sites into question without doing anything to successfully prove a lack thereof. Her entire column rests on the premise that anti-abortion sites are full of misinformation and falsehoods, and yet her attempts to demonstrate her premise fall dramatically short. Warren’s condescending attitude toward people who oppose abortion is pervasive, and her column is as smug as it is uncompelling. I wrote a column for The Federalist responding to Warren’s column and explaining why she fails to accomplish her goal with it. 

Click here to read No, New York Times, Pro-Life Websites Are Not Fake News. 


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