“Trust Women” Is An Inadequate Response to Abortion

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On Monday, outspoken abortion advocate Amanda Marcotte published a column at Salon. The post encourages people to, when it comes to abortion, “trust women” to make the decisions that are in their own best interests. She says that “women know what they are doing” when it comes to abortion, and we should leave them alone because they alone know how to choose the best course of action for their lives. But is “trust women” a slogan worth embracing? Or are there times when “trust him” or “trust her” really isn’t the best response to a situation. I wrote a column for the Federalist attempting to establish two premises. The first is that there are some times where men and women engage in behaviors that are destructive, and that instead of “trust her” or “trust him”, a personal intervention is the most appropriate response. The second is that sometimes a personal intervention is not enough, and a legal intervention is warranted. Given those two premises, where does abortion fit?

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